Innovating and Advancing Student Success

Transforming Our Campus Culture

Ensuring our students have the opportunity to complete a world-class education within four years is an essential part of our mission to transform lives for the benefit of society. Students who graduate in four years begin their careers or pursue graduate education sooner than their peers while incurring less student loan debt. The university proudly sends our graduates into the world as representatives of the university while gaining additional capacity for new students, increasing fiscal responsibility through efficiency. This transformation happens by making changes across campus within every college, school, and unit to support student success.

Nationally Recognized Programs


New York Times - Who Gets to Graduate

This New York Times article features the innovative programs we developed to ensure all students are successful and graduate in four years.

PBS News Hour

PBS Newshour - Who Drops Out and Why

The first in a five-part series highlighting innovative programs across the US, PBS featured our University Leadership Network efforts.