Data Driving UT Austin’s Increase in Graduation Rates
Strategic use of data is helping to set new records in student success.
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Student Success

Ensuring our students have the opportunity to complete a world-class education within four years is an essential part of UT Austin's commitment to serve the people of Texas. Students who graduate in four years begin their careers or pursue graduate education sooner than their peers while incurring less student loan debt. 

The university proudly sends our graduates into the world as representatives of the university while gaining additional capacity for new students - increasing fiscal responsibility through efficiency.

Highest Graduation & Persistence Rates in UT History

The four-year graduation rate at UT Austin in 2016 is now 61 percent - the highest on record and an increase of 10 percentage points since 2011 when UT Austin made raising the four-year graduation rate to 70 percent by 2017 a priority. 

Persistence rates, the percentage of students who stay in school year to year, are also a critical indicator of progress. The Class of 2017, which is in its senior year and was the first class to fully participate in student success programming, set a record with 85.2 percent of students continuing to pursue their degrees after three years.


Graduation Rates, Applications and Incoming Class Set Records at UT Austin

UT Austin graduated a higher percentage of students on time in 2016 than ever before.

Sid W. Richardson Foundation Awards Grant to University Leadership Network

The $265,000 grant will support 50 students in the 2016-17 academic year.