Student Success Symposium

The Student Success Symposium celebrates the efforts of the campus community and offers insights into goals for the coming year. The symposium is open to faculty and staff across The University of Texas at Austin’s colleges, schools and units who work to help our students succeed. This conference-style event gives participants the opportunity to discover, discuss and learn about best practices in student success.

Student Success Champion and Student Success Advocate Awards

The Student Success Champion award honors a faculty and/or staff member who has touched the lives of countless students. They might be an advisor, a student development specialist, a program coordinator or in another role directly impacting students and their success at UT.

The Student Success Advocate award recognizes a faculty and/or staff member who works behind the scenes to impact student success on the Forty Acres. They may be creating supporting technology, analyzing data or in an administrative role making a difference in the way students achieve success on campus.

2023 Award Recipients
Michelle J. Shanks, Student Success Champion
Jeff Freels, Student Success Advocate

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2021 Award Recipients
Vanessa Garcia, Student Success Champion
Hodges Mitchell II, Student Success Advocate

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2020 Award Recipients
Dr. Richard Reddick, Student Success Champion
Kristen Kessel, Student Success Advocate

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