Senior Countdown

You commit to graduating on time. We help you get there.

How Does It Work?

  1. Meet with Your Advisor

    Together with your academic advisor, plan your course schedules to complete all necessary degree requirements on time.

    For freshmen, on time is defined as within four years of their first semester. For transfer students, on time is defined as within three years of their first semester.

  2. Commit to Graduate

    If you are able to complete all the courses you need to graduate on time, your advisor will note in your record that you are participating in Senior Countdown and mark your graduation date.

  3. Senior Countdown Begins

    You will receive a welcome email with information about navigating your final year at UT Austin, including guidance on applying to graduate and other end-of-degree support resources.

And if you need some help along the way, including assistance with registering for courses required in your degree plan and various credit-earning complications, contact the Student Success Help Desk at Our team is ready to help all UT Austin undergraduates overcome any barriers between them and earning a degree. We are here for you!

Student Success Help Desk

Graduation Applications

To learn more about your college or school’s process for applying to graduate, visit their website:

If you are completing your last courses at another institution and are not registered at The University of Texas at Austin at the same time, you can still apply to graduate from UT Austin in your final semester. This is called graduation in-absentia. Contact your advisor to see if you are eligible to complete this process. If you still have questions, contact the Student Success Help Desk.