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Resolving Roadblocks 

In an effort to consolidate all the tools and resources available to help students stay on track to graduate in four years, we created a one-stop resource for students who need assistance getting classes required to graduate on time. The Graduation Help Desk staff work with students, faculty, and advisors to resolve roadblocks. 

Help Desk Checklist for Students

1. Contact your advisor in your college or school. Advisors can answer most questions. This is an important step because processes can vary from school to school, and advisors are the most knowledgeable resources about specific degree and graduation requirements.

2. Check the frequently asked questions below.

3. Still have questions? Contact us at

New Graduation Procedures as of 2018

As part of ongoing efforts to identify roadblocks to timely graduation, a number of policies and procedures have been reviewed, including the process of requiring students to apply for graduation. Once a student successfully completes their degree requirements, they have earned their degree and will have their degree conferred. Colleges and schools may require that students confirm their intent to participate in commencement ceremonies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do students know if they are on track to graduate?

The best way to know is if students meet with their academic advisors and review their degree audit using the Interactive Degree Audit (IDA).

Students may also use the IDA, which allows them to list courses that they might take to estimate how these courses will apply toward a degree. Students should use the planner frequently to adjust for registrations for current and future semesters.

Important: The planner does not register students for courses, guarantee that the courses they have listed will be offered for the semester they indicated, or guarantee that a student will be able to enroll in those courses. Some courses are offered infrequently or only in certain semesters. For more information, visit the IDA website.

If a student can't get a course they need to graduate, what should they do?

Senior Countdown participants are guaranteed to get the courses they need or help in finding an appropriate substitution. If an advisor is unable to help, students should email the Graduation Help Desk.

Note: Course guarantee is for Senior Countdown participants in their final year only. Senior Countdown guarantees that participating students will have access to courses that meet their graduation requirements, not a particular course.

Students not yet participating in Senior Countdown should meet with their advisor to discuss alternative solutions and sign up for Senior Countdown.

What's so important about graduating in four years?

One extra year of college can cost a student $150,000 in tuition and fees, increased student loan debt and interest, lost wages, and lost retirement savings. It is important to decide if two majors or two bachelor’s degrees are worth an extra $150,000. Most experts would suggest a graduate degree might make more sense. 1

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I’ve only been at UT Austin for three years. Don’t I have four years to complete my degree(s)?

Students are expected to complete their degree requirements in eight consecutive long semesters within four years of the date of their first semester enrolled, or within six consecutive long semesters within three years for transfer students. ALL students who receive a graduation Secure Academic Note (SAN) and wish to delay their graduation MUST appeal.

What if a student wants to continue their enrollment at UT Austin?

A student can still take coursework to complete requirements for a second degree or a second major after graduating with their first degree.

How does a student register for the courses needed for a second degree?

Most students will have already registered for next semester’s courses during the previous registration. Registration slotting for the following semester will be based on students' progress toward degree (PTD) for the second degree. 

What happens to students' financial aid?

Graduating with one degree while completing a second degree or certificate does not automatically prevent a student from receiving all types of financial aid. Students should consult with their financial aid advisor to confirm their options.

I haven’t completed my Business Foundations Certificate (or any other certificate). What happens now?

Students have one year after graduating to complete a transcriptable certificate. 2

2 Minor and Certificate Programs. (2016). Retrieved March 21, 2018, from
What happens to students' access to Career Services?

All UT Austin students and alumni have access to job postings on HireUTexas and alumni connections through the Texas Exes. For more information, visit the Career Services Resources for Alumni page of the RecruitUT website. Students should check with their college or school to learn more about other benefits available to recent graduates.

What do I need to do to participate in my commencement ceremonies?

Some colleges and schools require that students confirm their intent to participate in commencement ceremonies. The best source for the most updated information is your academic advisor or the dean’s office. For information about the university-wide celebration, please visit the Commencement website.