ELEVATE is an opportunity for ULN students to develop their personal definition of leadership and to increase awareness of leadership opportunities in ULN and across campus. This new leadership initiative aims to encourage and support leaders through opportunities that advance their education, communities and lives. ELEVATE stands for Empowering Leaders with Exemplary Values, Attitudes and Transformative Education.

ELEVATE is open to all ULN students.

Participate in ELEVATE

To participate in ELEVATE, please complete the following form to be added to the ELEVATE Canvas course and begin your leadership journey.

By opting-in and joining the Canvas course, students will find information about leadership activities and trainings going on at UT Austin and through ULN. Students will be able to add leadership activities and track their leadership hours towards different ELEVATE levels.

Program Benefits and Recognition

Students participating in ELEVATE are recognized on three different levels. Students may “elevate” or level up at any time throughout the academic year.

  • Gold: Students who earn a minimum of 8 hours of leadership training per academic year
  • Platinum: Students who earn a minimum of 12 hours of leadership training per academic year
  • Diamond: Students who earn a minimum of 16 hours of leadership training per academic year

At each level, students will earn a digital badge, a verifiable digital record that acknowledges completion of an assignment, training or other activity.

ULN believes leadership bears enormous potential to change the lives of students—and all young people—and plays an important role in the future careers of our students.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the coordinator.

Gloria Peña-Spener
Experiential Learning Coordinator
512-471-9ULN (512-471-9856)