Equitable Access and Support

Together with colleagues across campus, Undergraduate Equity and Excellence leverages its use of predictive analytics to identify incoming students who can benefit from scholarship funds, co-enrollment opportunities, academic support programs, peer mentoring programs and more.

Every incoming Longhorn is invited to be part of a 360 Connection — a group of approximately 20 first-year students who meet weekly to discuss their college experiences.

Approximately 2,000 freshmen, identified through predictive analytics, join success programs within UT’s colleges, schools and units each year, including:

A partnership between UT and Austin Community College, Path to Admission Through Co-Enrollment (PACE) gives students the opportunity to attend small classes in a supportive learning environment and at the same time gain access to game-changing resources available only at a world-class university.

The Texas Advance Commitment is the university’s commitment to ensuring a UT education is even more affordable for Texas students. By making financial aid more transparent, the Texas Advance Commitment helps students with financial need understand that they will receive financial assistance. Completion Scholarships, Impact Scholarships, Presidential Scholars and the University Leadership Network all are signature scholarship programs through which Texas Advance Commitment funds can be awarded.