Information for First-Year ULN Students

    About Your Scholarship

    As a ULN student, you have the opportunity to earn up to $20,000 in scholarship over your four years at UT Austin ($5,000 annually). ULN scholarships are paid in monthly installments ($500) throughout the fall and spring semesters. To receive your scholarship, you’ll complete ULN program requirements like small group meetings and internships. In addition, you’re required to:

    To remain eligible for the scholarship, your FAFSA must show that you have financial need. Your scholarship amount may be adjusted if your total financial aid exceeds the university’s cost of attendance. This is usually the result of receiving additional outside scholarships.

    Meet the Staff

    University Leadership Network Staff

    The ULN Team

    From left: Dr. Jennifer Smith, Director; Kyle Clark, Program Manager; Katelyn Martinez, Year 2 Coordinator; Cierra Campbell, Year 3 Coordinator; John Newton, Year 1 Coordinator; Byron Ceasar, Year 4 Coordinator; Marisol Sanchez Castillo, Graduate Research Assistant.

    About ULN

    The University Leadership Network (ULN) is a nationally recognized incentive-based scholarship program for students with demonstrated financial need and the potential to benefit most from professional development and leadership opportunities at UT Austin. Each year, 500 freshmen are selected to begin the program. ULN includes a comprehensive four-year plan that involves leadership training, experiential learning opportunities, and university service. The ULN program helps students to develop academic and leadership skills consistent with graduating in four years. 

    All ULN students also participate in an academic learning community. ULN meets weekly with the directors of all of the academic learning communities to ensure students are receiving great support and programming to help them develop academically and as young professionals. ULN partners with the following academic learning communities:

    • Discovery Scholars
    • Equal Opportunity Engineering
    • Foundation Scholars
    • Gateway Scholars
    • Longhorn Link
    • McCombs Success Scholars
    • Ramshorn Scholars
    • TIP Scholars
    • Women in Engineering

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