Completing the Experiential Learning Form

All second-, third-, and fourth-year ULN students must complete the Online Experiential Learning Form every fall and spring semester. This form must be completed by the first class day of each semester. In order to complete the form, you will need your supervisor's name and contact information, their position title, and a description of your position.

Online Experiential Learning Form Directions

Select whether your opportunity falls into one of the following categories: on-campus internship, off-campus internship, research, domestic study, or study abroad.

  • Select on-campus internship if you have a paid or unpaid role that is affiliated with UT that is not related to research. This includes work study and paid on-campus positions.
  • Select off-campus internship if you have a paid or unpaid role that is not affiliated with UT. This includes off-campus part-time jobs. 
  • Select research if you are participating in a research role on or off campus. This includes capstone projects.
  • Select study abroad if you are participating in a study abroad opportunity. This includes Maymester, affiliated, faculty-led programs, or internship abroad.
  • Select domestic study if you are participating in a domestic study opportunity. This includes the Archer Fellowship Program, UTLA, and UTNY.

If you are completing an on-campus role, you will select from a list of currently affiliated departments. Note: If the department is not listed, please contact, and they will add the department. 

If you are completing an off-campus role, you will enter the name of the site and select the industry type from the following options: corporate, non-profit, medical, project management, or other.

Finally, you can apply a previous opportunity to a future semester. Please indicate the semester you would like the experience to count for in the “semester count” box. If you select “do not need it to count,” the experience will not be counted toward the requirement.