ULN Campus Partners

Campus Partners meeting and shaking hands.

If you are interested in hosting a ULN student in an experiential learning opportunity:

  • Please first read through our Campus Partner Guide. This details the benefits, hosting options, expectations, and timeline for recruitment.
  • Then join our listserv for on-campus partners or off-campus partners. After clicking the link, click the "Subscribe" button and enter your name and email address. Our listservs are the best way to receive up-to-date information about our recruitment each semester.
  • When you are ready, follow our guidelines for posting a position on HireALonghorn. All positions must include a description of the student’s activities and the transferable skills (e.g. time management, communication, problem-solving) the student can expect to gain during the experience. These learning outcomes are essential for providing a rewarding experience for the student and ensure the experience will provide valuable skills that can benefit the student upon graduation.

Process and Deadlines

ULN Campus Partner experiential learning proposals are submitted during the spring semester with student placements occurring up to the end of May. All positions submitted are subject to the approval of the program to ensure the experience will provide key skills for ULN students. Campus Partners may submit multiple internship proposals for different positions or submit one proposal for multiple students in the same position.

Once a proposal is received and reviewed, you will receive approval from our Experiential Learning team. Once approved, the experience will be posted on HireALonghorn. If you have any questions, please contact the Experiential Learning team at ulninternships@austin.utexas.edu.

ULN Student & Site Supervisor Expectations

Please review our expectation guidelines for ULN students and ULN supervisors. Our goal is that you discuss these expectations, including any additional site-specific expectations you may have, during an initial supervision session with your ULN student. These guides also detail how to address unmet expectations and potential conflicts at your site, as well as how the ULN Experiential Learning team can support you throughout the process.

Evaluation Templates

We require that all campus partners provide end-of-semester evaluations with their ULN students. The student self-evaluation and supervisor evaluation templates are provided as a potential tool for these end-of-semester evaluations. We recommend that you provide the self-evaluation form to your student prior to your evaluation meeting so you can jointly discuss their progress and growth. The information you collect is designed to be utilized internally at your site and does not need to be shared with ULN.

ULN Supervisor Trainings

All individuals supervising ULN students are required to attend a ULN supervisor training. This session will help provide you all of the information you need to effectively supervise a ULN student, including appropriate onboarding and evaluation information. Please RSVP for one of our upcoming training dates. If none of the current training times work in your schedule, please contact ulninternships@austin.utexas.edu.