ULN Campus Partners

The Link to Leadership

Program Overview

The University Leadership Network (ULN) is a nationally recognized incentive-based scholarship program for students with demonstrated financial need who may be unprepared for the rigors of UT Austin. Each year, 500 freshmen are selected to begin the program. ULN includes a comprehensive four-year plan that involves leadership training, experiential learning opportunities, and community and university service. ULN students receive a $20,000 incentive scholarship ($5,000/year) based on participation in the program's comprehensive four-year components. 

During the first year of participation, students receive interactive leadership training, which features a weekly speaker series, meeting with a peer mentor to apply their training, performing community service each semester and engaging in active self-reflection. Their second, third and fourth years of ULN offer leadership opportunities including community service, self-reflection, leadership development workshops and opportunities to learn outside the classroom in real-world settings.

Internship Program

One of the major out of classroom opportunities is the ULN Internship Program (funded by ULN). The internship is a central requirement for the ULN scholarship and is coordinated with our designated Campus Partners. The ULN Campus Partners include academic, administrative, operational, and athletic units or individuals at UT Austin. These partners agree to supervise an undergraduate intern or interns who serve a need within the unit and at the same time, learn skills that will enhance his or her professional development.

Become a Campus Partner

Campus partners submit a proposal that communicates a description of the student’s activities. The proposal also includes the transferable skills (e.g. time management, project management, professional communication) the student can expect to gain during the internship. These learning outcomes are essential for providing a rewarding experience for the student and ensure the internship will consist of sets of valuable skills that can benefit the student upon graduation. The academic and professional outcomes also assist with student placement.

Campus Partners Benefits

  • Partner receives assistance with operations
  • No impact on partner’s operational budget
  • Partner is an integral part of a campus-wide scholarship program
  • Partner builds connections with one or more ULN interns
  • Partner can sponsor more than one kind of internship and ore than one intern

Campus Partners Expectations

  • Partners provide academic and/or professional growth experiences for ULN interns and develop learning objectives for the student.
  • Partner complete ULN Supervisor Orientation (provided by ULN Staff in May, Summer Session, & Early Fall).
  • Partner attends at least one ULN Campus Partner sponsored events
  • Partner participates in ULN program evaluation (provided by ULN Staff).
  • Partner submits mid-term and end-of-term evaluations for each intern (provided by ULN Staff).
  • Partner communicates with the ULN Office as needed.
  • ULN students begin their internships in Fall (specific date tbd, after first week of classes) and end their internships in the Spring (specific date tbd).
  • ULN interns will participate in their internships for no more than 10 hours per week.

Proposal Process and Deadlines

ULN Campus Partner Internship Proposals are submitted near the beginning of the spring semester, with student placements occurring up to the end of May. Proposals must meet a minimum of Learning and Professional Outcomes requirements. A Campus Partner may submit more than one internship proposal for different positions, or submit one proposal for multiple students in the same position. 

Once a proposal is received and reviewed, you will receive approval from our Campus Partner Coordinator. Once approved, your internship will be posted on the ULN website where students can view a short description and the associated desired qualifications. Students will not have partner contact information.