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Major Switch

A common challenge students face early in their college career is finding the right academic fit.

Historical data show that students who struggle early in key science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) classes are less likely to succeed and may be at a higher risk of dropping out. Up to 75% of students who earn lower than a C- on their first STEM test end up failing or dropping the course.

Students frequently learn that STEM is not a good fit for them early in their first semester for many reasons. In the past, they were stuck in the major and courses for the semester or even a year. Major Switch was created to give students the opportunity to transfer to non-STEM major courses mid-semester, save their GPAs, and get on the road to finding the right academic fit.

Major Switch is for students currently enrolled at the university only. Admitted students seeking to change their major should contact Texas One Stop.

Math Course Switch

Students who wish to remain in STEM but would like to switch out of only their calculus course and into a pre-calculus course can participate in Math Course Switch. Students who opt for this route do not need to switch out of STEM at the end of the semester and may continue with their STEM courses the following spring.

If a student is failing two or more of the designated courses after the first exams, they will be contacted and invited to consider Major Switch. After consulting with their academic advisor, the student will decide if Major Switch is right for them.

Students who elect to participate in Major Switch will be allowed to drop the designated classes and add non-major sections of the courses, then transfer permanently to a non-STEM major. Students confer with academic advisors to decide what majors are available to them.

Students who are struggling but not failing and wish to leave STEM fields may also participate.

Talk to your academic advisor within the first six weeks of the fall semester. Your advisor will help you decide whether Major Switch is right for you and guide you through the process. Schedule a meeting with your advisor right away if you are considering Major Switch.