Individual Opportunity Scholarship


Presidential Scholar Jessica Bathea during her study abroad in Brazil.

Request Individual Opportunity Scholarship Funding

All Presidential Scholars who enrolled at UT Austin after Summer 2013 and up to Fall 2017 are eligible for the Individual Opportunity Scholarship.

To receive a one-time award of $1,500 for the Individual Opportunity Scholarship, Presidential Scholars can use this award at any time during their 8 semesters as an undergraduate student. The request for funding online application must include details about the proposed experience, a draft budget, and a detailed explanation of how this experience will enrich their curricular experience at UT Austin.

Once a Presidential Scholar has received confirmation that they have been accepted to participate in an enrichment program such as studying abroad, interning for a company, or researching in a lab, they will complete the Individual Opportunity Scholarship application.

The request should be specific to a particular semester that the student intends to use the funding. If a student requests funds for a semester but their experience falls through (e.g. the enrichment experience is canceled), the student may submit another funding request at a later date; the funds are not forfeited. An award will not be granted for a prior enrichment experience.


Priority deadline for Fall 2018: July 15, 2018
Priority deadline for Spring 2019: December 15, 2018
Priority deadline for Maymester and Summer 2019: April 15, 2019

Review of a complete Presidential Scholars Individual Opportunity Scholarship application can take up to 3 weeks. Once the application has been approved, the award should be disbursed to the Presidential Scholar within 2-3 weeks of the beginning of the semester’s enrichment experience.

This $1,500 scholarship may impact a Presidential Scholar's Financial Aid award.