Individual Opportunity Scholarship


Presidential Scholar, Jessica Bathea, during her study abroad in Brazil.

Janice Williams - Program Coordinator

All Presidential Scholars who enter UT Austin after Summer 2013 receive a one-time, $1,500 Individual Opportunity Scholarship to be used for an internship, research, study abroad or professional conference experience. This scholarship is designed to encourage scholars to engage in an experiential learning opportunity that will enhance their academic program, strengthen their resume and allow them to explore possible career paths.

“I would not have been able to do all the traveling and learning adventures without the support of the University of Texas and the Presidential Scholarship. This scholarship helped me have the opportunity of a lifetime and immerse myself in the Czech culture. Most of all, I gained a whole new perspective of the world, and how fortunate I am to have experienced many cultures during my time abroad.”

- Emilu Mata, Presidential Scholar


Internships are real-life work placements where students have the opportunity to gain experience and make connections. Through internships, students have the opportunity to combine knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Internships may be paid or unpaid. Academic credit may also be available.


Research provides students in all majors the opportunity to take part in the vibrant intellectual work of the university and beyond. Research opportunities are not limited to science lab work - it can include almost any project working with a faculty member on a discipline-related project designed to cultivate new knowledge in the field. 

Study Abroad

Study Abroad provides the opportunity to get to know another culture first-hand and to expand students’ views of the world. As students develop skills and gain experiences beyond the classroom setting, they can learn more about themselves and earn UT course credit.

Approval Process

Individual Opportunity Scholarship experiences must be pre-approved and supervised by a faculty/staff mentor or other professional. Almost any organized and supervised experiential learning experience can qualify for an Individual Opportunity Scholarship.

Examples of past Individual Opportunity Scholarship experiences:

  • Systems design study abroad in Germany
  • Stem cell research in Houston
  • Supply chain study abroad in South Africa
  • Television internship in China
  • Oil & Gas internship in North Texas
  • Nursing study abroad in Costa Rica
  • Education research in Austin
  • Engineering internship at NASA JSC

Reflection Paper

Upon completion of the experience, students must submit a 3-page, double-spaced reflection paper about their experience. These papers are used to assess the efficacy of the Individual Opportunity Scholarships as well as publicize different opportunities available to Presidential Scholars.

Request Scholarship Funding

Once a student has received confirmation that they have been accepted to participate in an enrichment program such as studying abroad, interning for a company, or researching in a lab, they must complete the Individual Opportunity Scholarship application.   

The request should be specific to a particular semester that the student intends to use the funding. If a student requests funds for a semester but their experience falls through (e.g., the enrichment experience is cancelled), the student may submit another funding request at a later date - the funds are not forfeited. An award will not be granted for a prior enrichment experience. Only Presidential Scholars are eligible for the Individual Opportunity Scholarship.


Priority deadline for Spring 2017: December 15, 2016
Priority deadline for Maymester and Summer 2017: April 15, 2017
Priority deadline for Fall 2017: July 15, 2017